Team 'Bosom Buddies' Parish Walk

We all completed our goals and thanks to our supporters we raised £300. Bernice and I reached Rushen (19 miles) 20 mins before the cut off time in 5hrs 09mins. Shelly reached Peel (32.5 miles) in 8hrs 35min and Mike completed the full 85 miles in 21 gruelling hours! Shelly and I followed Mike from 8pm until 1030pm and he was going really well.
It was a wonderful experience. So many people cheering all the way round even in the out of the way places. As well as the official areas, people had set up little feeding stations in their gateways with drinks and mars bars or homemade cakes, and they were offering their loos up for competitors.  Thank you to everyone who sponsored us.

Mike, Sharon, Shelly and Bernice, ready for the road!

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