How we Help

Our funds are used for helping patients and their families practically and directly.

Not all patients have the luxury of a well paid job with sick benefits and the last thing you need when you are at your lowest ebb physically and emotionally, are financial concerns. If we can help, we will. We work closely with the Breast Clinic at Noble’s and if they identify anyone who might benefit from our funds, they refer them to us and we discuss how best we can help.

Apart from monthly meetings, we can attend clinic appointments and chemotherapy sessions with patients, take them to the ‘Drop in’ days at the Hospice or just meet up for coffee and a chat.

'We funded a patient’s handicapped son to be with her while she had her radiotherapy at Clatterbridge. The patient had never been away from her son before and was unable to find the money for his accommodation'.

'Another young woman with two children, aged 18 months and 3yrs was so ill for several days after each chemotherapy session that she was unable look after her children properly. Her husband couldn’t keep taking time off work and she had no family on the Island.  IOM Breast Care paid for child care for both children for the 4 days after each cycle of chemo'.

'An elderly lady who went to Clatterbridge for Radiotherapy believed that while she was away in hospital she didn’t need to pay her Douglas Corporation rent. On her return she found a rent demand. With no money to pay it, the Breast Clinic suggested she contact us and we paid the rent arrears'.

These are only a few samples of the way our funds are used to directly help patients and their families

Our funds are also used for any training days in the UK and to accompany patients to hospitals on the mainland if they have no body who can go with them, and the hospital cannot cover the cost.